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The internet has been around long enough for it to become a major means of advertising. The question is which kind of internet advertising is right for your website? Everyone knows about email advertising, pop up ads, and banner advertising. These three forms of advertising are widely used around the internet, but are they right for your business? One type of internet advertising that you may not have heard of is text link advertising. In my opinion text link advertising is the single most effective form of advertising available on the web today. The reason for this is that text link ads drive traffic to your site while at the same time they boost your website’s ranking in all the major search engines.

The internet is like a spider’s web, we navigate it by traveling from one link to the next. Internet users are accustomed to clicking on links. Text links have been around since the beginning of the web. Nowadays, a lot of text links have been replaced with image links that flash, blink, or move. However the text link is still used throughout the web. A person can only visit www.yahoo.com to notice the amount of text links that are used to help users navigate the web. However, just because text links are used by major websites that does not mean they are the most effective advertising option for your website.

There are three main reasons why text link advertising is a great option. The first is that web surfers are disillusioned with typical internet advertising. Pop up ads can be very annoying and obtrusive when trying to view a webpage. Banner ads are so commonplace, that readers skip over them without much thought.

Lastly, email marketers are seen as being in league with the devil. People do not enjoy getting ten emails a day about how to enlarge your “weapon”, or where to get discounted Viagra. Text link ads are great because they can be placed inside of an article or resource page, or next to a websites navigation bar. Also the web surfer only clicks on the link if he or she chooses to, unlike pop up ads. Let’s say you are selling cookbooks and you paid a website that gives away free recipes to place a text link in one of their articles. Imagine the text link was at the bottom of a cake recipe page and it read for more chocolate cake recipes please visit www.yoursite.com, they have a wonderful selection to choose from. This kind of advertising is more effective because it is more personal. If they enjoyed this article they are likely to follow the writer’s personal suggestion and visit your site. People are conditioned to ignore banner ads, but they are also conditioned to trust friendly advice.


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