Search Engine Optimization Myths

This article is intended to dispel some common SEO myths, and hopefully save you some long hours of wasted time and energy. It will continue to grow as new myths are created. I know when I first started thinking of optimizing my web pages the rank highly on search engines like Google, one of the first things I came across was sites that would submit your website to 1000’s of search engines. They weren’t to expensive but I knew if I searched long and hard enough I could find some services that would do it for free. I spent long hours to find pages that would let you enter in all your information and would then send it out to say 50 search engines. It was only later that I figured out that it was all for nothing. You see a search engine finds pages on it’s on. You do not need to submit to a search engine ever. Yes, even Google and Yahoo; do not waste your time. They will find you and submitting to them will not speed up the process. There are only about 10 search engines that matter at all anyhow, because that’s all people really use, ask your friends what they use on a regular basis and see if the combined number is over 10, I doubt it. If you want to spend some hours submitting your site on the net then do it with web directories. Most directories are edited by humans and you can find a web directory about almost anything in the world. That will help boost your rankings and will help bring in targeted traffic. We have a nice (website directories list) started, so check it out after you read this article. Also feel free to use our contact form to email us any new directory that you find.
Another Myth is that any traffic is good traffic. People fall into the trap of link exchanges and banner add exchanges to bring in 10,000 new visitors, I will say this once. Never use such a service. You will not get targeted traffic. You will get people looking for cars that end up on your hat store. Also, it looks unprofessional to have a link exchange banner selling Viagra on you website that sells hats. Only exchange links if it will help your site become better for your visitors, and only if its link to a product or resource related to what you do.

Meta Tags are also misused on the internet. A long time ago you could put up all kinds of meta tags on your site and get ranked. You could use the same phrase over and over in your meta tags and it would help you get high rankings. Those days are long gone. For a long time now search engines such as Google have been ignoring meta tags completely. Recently Yahoo has stated that they are using meta tags to help rank sites. So its time to bring back those 50 meta tags you got off some webpage you saw. Wrong, the only meta tags you need are a title, a keywords, and description tag, a robots tag is needed if you have a page you don’t want a search engine to index. Have a look at our (meta tag generator).

Another common problem is people who purchase software and think that will solve their SEO problems. Software should only be used to speed up the process or to handle repetitive task. You need to know SEO for yourself or it will never work, and you will waste your time and be prone to being ripped off. Rank checking software is all good and well but you need to know how to use SEO before you worry about ranking or send out some automated link exchange software. (Please stay away from these) unless you really know what you are doing.

Some Search Engine Optimization firms say they will guarantee you top 10 placement. That would be my clue to find someone else. What will those phrases be, hopefully they will be competitive but more than likely they won’t. Any SEO could get your ranked for 100 terms, but I they are not terms people actually search for, and then what does it matter if you are number 1 for them? Another, red flag is that SEO’S don’t run the major search engines; Google and Yahoo could change their ranking algorithm at any time so until an SEO company is the one writing the ranking algorithm they can’t guarantee you anything.

High Page rank does not mean your page will rank higher. Page rank is displayed in Google’s toolbar and can be seen on any site. People get caught up in having a site with a high PR. Page rank is only one out of 100 things that Google takes into consideration when ranking a web page, so don’t over stress your sites PR. See our (How Google Page Rank Works) article for an explanation of how PR works.

People also think that having multiple domains or that having multiple doorway pages to their site they will get better pages. Doorway pages are a bad idea, only in the rarest of situations are the acceptable and I can’t stress that enough. Google hates doorway pages and so do web surfers. Just write relevant content and keep it fresh and updated and you won’t need a doorway page.

You may hear people say that SEO does not provide quality traffic. Search Engine Optimization provides highly targeted traffic. Instead of just putting your website that is selling hats on TV and hoping that people who want to buy hats are watching you can target people who have already declared by typing in something like Dallas Cowboy’s hats, that they are interested in the subject. You can target some phrase that might only produce 20 hits a day to your site, but if they are very well targeted to your business they will have a higher ROI or (return on investment). Others may say that Pay Per Click ads are the only way to go. I encourage people to use Pay Per Click ads but not them alone. SEO takes time is not an overnight process. If you sell computers you should use pay per click ads for some the most competitive terms like “desktop computers” but why not optimize your site for terms that you can rank highly for? Eventually, you will be getting free traffic instead of having to pay for every bit of traffic you get. Surely you can see the benefit in that.


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