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Importance of branding in web design

Why is a distinctive website design important is a question that many will ask. There are many companies, individuals, and online services that have very nice website designs and layout concepts. Some designs work so well that other web designers craft their future designs based on other websites.

There is nothing wrong with that as long as the originality is there, but some visitors may not be impressed especially if they surf the net enough to know that similar designs exist. This is where the importance of unique web design comes in and it is more than just bragging rights in originality. These three facts make unique web design worth the hard work in planning and designing, with advice from the right branding agency.

Sets the Bounds
Remember that there are most likely other websites that display similar content or are in the same niche as you. By boasting a unique web design, your website literally separates itself from the rest of the pack. More people will find your website worth visiting because it is presented in a unique way or gives them a unique navigational experience. Of course, you need to execute the design properly making sure that the colour scheme sets the mood and the text and graphic elements positioned correctly to make the content readable. Adding interactive features to the site makes the web design even more unique, putting the pressure on competing websites to improve their website design through the services of a branding agency.

Builds a Brand in Itself
The purpose of the logo or header is to serve as the brand of the website and can be used to help promote the website when advertised in other areas. However, you can build a bigger brand if you focus on building a unique web design. The logo is supposed to symbolize your website, but the overall layout sends a hidden message to the visitors to come back at a later date when the content is updated and the same unique experience is given. For best results, it is recommended to build the unique web design around the logo.

Makes Content more Interesting
If you are sent a word document with many pages containing long paragraphs, you might be bored in reading it as you continue reading. Content with graphics can make the articles more interesting. The same thing applies to websites as well. It is true that basic templates are a safe way to present content and there is no doubt that there will be some people that will not mind at all regarding the design. But if you manage to take things a step further and work on designing good visuals around the content without hampering the readability, your content will be more interesting overall and your visitors won’t delay in exploring the other parts of your website.

Building a unique web design is challenging because a lot of web designers around the world that have experienced all throughout the years have been raising the bar in unique web designs. But with all the different programming languages available and the many graphics tools offered, it is still possible to create a unique web design after putting your creativity skills forward. Take it as a fun experience and you will come up with ideas that nobody else has thought of.

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