The promotional benefits of submitting your Website to internet directories

Internet web directories are perhaps the most abundant type of website existing on the internet today. There are 1000’s upon 1000’s of web directories to submit your site to and here we will discuss the benefits of taking full advantage of simple submission techniques. The general idea is that all you have to do is submit your site for free, to numerous web directories and you will acquire internet presence as well as search engine presence, higher link placement rankings, and increased backlinks indexed by search engines.

Well I’m assuming just that last sentence talked you into believing in the power of internet directories if you hadn’t already and I will now go more into the details. When you submit your site to any web directory it raises the links into your site by one. So if you’re starting a brand new website all you have do to get it indexed by search engine spiders and placed into their indexed search results is submit your site to any web directory of post established website presence (already has other search engine indexed sites linking to it). So imagine the possibilites if your website was submitted to a few hundred of they 1000’s of directories on the net.

Not only are directory submissions free but I would estimate 90% of them don’t even require a backlink. To be able to get 1000’s of sites on the web linking to you by your own demand without even linking back to them, is insane. This means that all of your Google PageRank, in the theory that you had no outbound links yet, can be kept contained inside your site while still getting traffic and acquiring internet presence even if you dont have any money. If you’re serious about your work you would obviously want to practice other seo techniques as well but you can bring your Google PageRank to around 3 or 4 by submitting your site to internet web directories alone.

So far I haven’t even discussed the most obvious beneficial factor that web directories provide when you submit your website to them. That beneficial point would be the small amount of traffic they will send you from the visitors leaving their web directory and coming to yours. It may not be much but if you submit to say 1000 free directories and receive a visitor per day, per directory the cumulative amount of 1000 unique visitors per day will make for an amazing traffic increase.

Search engine impact of a directory is based on a few key things so when deciding if submitting to a directory is worth it base it on these. Google PageRank, which would obviously be factored only by google is one of the factors I would use as a reference to see if a site is worth submitting to. If it has no pagerank it’s either brand new or it has lowsy search engines rankings and personally I wouldn’t usually bother with it. Other factors are how many sites are linking into this directory and how far away is the page linking to your website from it’s homepage index file, but the most important one would definately be keyword relevance. If the directories you submit to are of related content specific to the trade of your site you will receive targetted visitors from that directory. If a directory page linking to you has similar content text to yours, meaning it has keyword relevance, it will help increase your keyword rankings in search engines and you will get more search engine traffic.

Some directories require a link back, that’s fine unless something is harfmul about their site. As far as linking back to directories goes, only link back to a directory if you’re sure it’s not banned from any search engine, is not an ffa feed, and has related text content to the content included on your site.

There is a¬†big directory of web directories¬†you can submit your site to across the internet that we’ve included on seoptimizational as well.


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