How to write an optimized Title tag

Homepage Title:
Widgets – Affordable Discount Widgets –

Interior Page Title:
Blue Widgets – Low Priced Blue Widgets –

note: we got the name of the company in there with room to spare.

Now you could have stayed with Affordable and Discount but why not mix it up. Some pages could target that while others could target more keyword phrases. Also, think about the combos that can be made with titles. Search engines can match up words at the start of your title with words at the end of your title. Keep your title interesting, don’t just make it for a search engine, if it does not sound good toss it and make another one. Lastly just because your competition is ranked number one and they only use 3 words in there title don’t pay that any mind. A longer title will only help you and all other things being equal (which is a lot of factors) you will outrank them with a better optimized title.


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